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Team Synergy

Mutual Abstract, Inc. ("Mutual Abstract") is licensed to offer title insurance throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

Title Agents have over 30 years experience performing title insurance and title policy services. Well-trained courteous staff are available to assist you at Mutual Abstract.

Kathleen F. Ringler is President of Mutual Abstract, Inc. Kathleen began her title insurance career in 1975. In 1991, Kathleen opened her first office in Lower Bucks County. Kathleen now manages a technologically-advanced title insurance office located in Feasterville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Builders, Bankers, Real Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers all express appreciation by acquiring cost-effective title insurance for their real estate transactions.

Title insurance agents perform research, correct title problems for a new mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage. A title insurance agent examines the history of the real property in public record filings, including all prior refinance filings of record.

Mutual Abstract is a fully-automated title insurance office. Mutual Abstract makes real estate closings a cost-effective experience. Mutual Abstract experts answer questions, plus advise and guide in all aspects of a scheduled real estate closing.

Mutual Abstract is a member of the Home Builders Association of Bucks County and a member in Montgomery County. Mutual Abstract is also a member of the Bucks County Board of Realtors. Additionally, Mutual Abstract is a member of Pennsylvania Land Title Association and the Feasterville Businessman's Association.


Management & Staff

  • Kathy F. Ringler
  • Susan V. Wertz
    Office Manager
  • Kristen Ferro
    Title Representative
  • Christine Thomson
    Title Representative
  • Florence Hearn
    Operations Manager
  • Eileen Haselbarth
  • Heather Guinan


I do closings with Kathy on a number of real estate transactions and she has always provided top quality work. She is a joy to work with and you can count on her to follow through!
Feasterville Attorney
I maintain professional business relations with Kathleen Ringler in my capacity as Underwriting Counsel. The title agency has conducted operations competently & professionally.
Associate Counsel Title Company
I have had the privilege of doing business with Mutual Abstract for the last 20 years. Team of highly trained title insurance professionals are diligent & respectful to each client.
Feasterville Real Estate Broker
Kathy Ringler's title insurance office staff consistently demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and efficiency. I can recommend Kathy's title insurance office staff for real estate closings.
Feasterville Real Estate Broker